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Romain & The Cowboy Surfers, which saw its European debut in 2014, is essentially the funky fusion of two very different artists:

On stage left Romain Baudry, French power pop musician from Bordeaux France, on stage right MWBW, American independent soundtrack composer from Honolulu Hawaii.

Along with Guillaume Glain (another far-out Frenchy) on drums and Cyril “Rasta Rocket”  Yéchichian on bass, Romain & The Cowboy Surfers has a mission to create, perform and promote music from the genre they auto proclaim – Far Western Pop – that is to say, go as far west with your musical inspiration as you can, and then go further!

A colorful poi bowl of music blurring the boundaries between western and surf, to disco and alt-rock:

Meet the group 

Some would say that Romain Baudry was destined to become a professional tennis player; but on one fateful day he would find himself staring at a guitar hanging in a pawnshop in a small town in Kansas, not far from the University where he was attending on a Tennis scholarship.  A few months later he was gigging solo at the University coffee shop with that same guitar that he would never let go.  From dusty Kansas City bars, to a year later in the dark pubs of London,  Romain was drawn and driven to the stage by a certain “je ne sais pas” that was stronger than himself.   After 7 years on the road as a full-time musician and about 500 gigs more experienced, Romain is still as hungry for the gilded stage as ever, and now with his first full length LP under his belt, he has the songs to back up his powerful vocals and grooving guitar style.

One way or another MWBW was destined to be a musician of some sort; grandfather, Henry Berger, wrote Hawaii’s National anthem; mother, talented pianist and classically trained singer…  At the age of 7 he didn’t want to be a fireman or the President of the United States like the other kids at school, but a pop star “like Michael Jackson, because he can groove” and bugged his mother for 5 years to play the saxophone – she finally bought him one at the age of 10.  He was happy.   At the age of 20 after already giving up on the guitar twice and a brief stint on the cello, he finally wrote some songs and put them on a 4 track tape recorder; unfortunately, his house was burglarized a week later and the songs were gone as was his guitar and his beloved Eiffel Tower beer bottle opener.  Over the next 20 years he would compose over 100 film soundtracks and about as many pop songs, always with one thing in mind – the King of Pop, of course.

Nearing the ripe age of 40, Guillaume Glain, the drummer from Bordeaux, still likes surprises – He played his first concert with Romain and The Cowboy Surfers the day they met!  Two years later he’s behind the drums on their debut album in a country surf-rock style beat.  A drummer that cut his chops playing in orchestras and two tribute bands covering Bowie and AC/DC, on Blue Lion Girl Guillaume joyfully comes back to his roots – Pop Rock with a bluesy soul.

The Cowboy Surfers  from left to right:  MWBW (Guitars, backing vocals), Guillaume Glain (Drums, percussion), and Romain Baudry (Lead vocals, rhythm guitar)

MWBW and Romain Baudry





Upcoming Concerts

25 Aug 2018 Romain & The Cowboy Surfers Bordeaux The Connemara The Connemara

Past Concerts

14 Aug 2018 Romain Baudry Saint-Jean-de-Luz Casino de Saint-Jean-de-Luz Casino de Saint-Jean-de-Luz
14 Jul 2018 Romain Baudry Saint-Jean-de-Luz Casino de Saint-Jean-de-Luz Casino de Saint-Jean-de-Luz
09 Jul 2018 Romain Baudry Saint-Jean-de-Luz Casino de Saint-Jean-de-Luz Casino de Saint-Jean-de-Luz
23 Jun 2018 Romain & The Cowboy Surfers Carbon-Blanc Halle Favols Halle Favols
21 Jun 2018 Romain & The Cowboy Surfers Bordeaux Loft 33 Bordeaux Loft 33 Bordeaux