I Love You Man

Romain & The Cowboy Surfers, which saw its European debut in 2014, is essentially the funky fusion of two very different artists: On the one hand Romain Baudry, French power pop musician from Bordeaux France, on the other hand MWBW, American independent soundtrack composer from Honolulu Hawaii.

Along with Guillaume Glain (another Frenchy) on drums, Romain & The Cowboy Surfers has a mission to create, perform and promote music from the genre they auto proclaim – Far Western Pop – that is to say, go as far west with your musical inspiration as you can, and then go further! A colorful poi bowl of music blurring the boundaries between western and funk, to disco and alt-rock,

Romain & The Cowboy Surfers are at your humble service to quench your thirst for quality tuneage.